In the post-St. Anger era, and with the upcoming release of Lulu (you spelled "lulz" wrong, guys) the fine upstanding young men of Metallica have been the source of many yuks. I mean, just try to find a recording studio or tour van where "My lifestyle determines my deathstyle," or "I miss my little Danish friend!" aren't punchlines. Death Magnetic may have earned the band a small amount of goodwill, how quickly that is outweighed by countless "I AM THE TABLE!" image macros remains to be seen.

If you've been down in the dumps waiting for Lulu to leak so you can have something to laugh at and brighten your day, I have some old-school Metallilulz to tide you over: The 1990 demo of "Wherever I May Roam." Musically, it's a pretty faithful to the Black Album version except for the production value, but oh! Those vocals!

To be fair, it's a songwriting demo. It's main purpose most likely something for Jaymz to listen to while he worked out the lyrics. They probably had no intention of releasing this...but then they fucked around and released it. The vocal delivery is boilerplate Metallica parody fodder: lots of yeah-yeeeeeeee-hays, the bits where the lyrics are worked out end in more "-ahs" than the last several Fall Videos of the Day, and the parts where the lyrics are unfinished? Hetfield just nah-nah-nahs through them, but the comedy gold lies in the spots where the nah-nah-nahs give way to other words.

"Not sure what the rest of the line is going to be, but the last word is definitely 'anywhere," because 'anywhere' rhymes with 'anywhere.'"

Guys, please don't sue me. I know that you just wanted to release a cool little tidbit for hardcore fans, but maybe you should have just covered your ass by re-recording the vocals with a shitty microphone. Nobody would have been the wiser.

Confidential to Bass Jesus: I looked up the other Black Album demos released on the 12" singles and they are unfortunately devoid of nah-nah-nah.