A local major software company whose name makes perverted minds think of the effects of a penis in cold water is opening a store today in the U-Village. At 9:30 am, the doors open to the Microsoft Store (conveniently located near the Apple store) and the first 200 people will "receive two complimentary premier-viewing tickets to their choice of either The Black Keys performance on Friday, October 21st, or the OneRepublic performance on Saturday, October 22nd, along with one VIP pass to meet OneRepublic after their show." There will be another 800 tickets given out to the concert of your choice but only if one visits the store.

The base for technology and coolness in the future (put down your iPods, kids) will be the concert venue of tomorrow (and Saturday), as these concerts are taking place in front of the Microsoft Store, IN THE U-VILLAGE PARKING LOT, one of the most annoying parking lots to navigate on a REGULAR TUESDAY AFTERNOON. Just in case you were wondering when NOT to drive to U-Village and hope for parking spaces or people with logical driving skills, the Black Keys play at 7:00 pm Friday, October 21, and OneRepublic plays at 2:30 pm Saturday, October 22. More details at this fancy website include a complete schedule of opening day and weekend festivities.

Good luck out there.