Television viewers know him as the rough-hewn guy in hat and glasses helping Dr. Drew on VH1's Celebrity Rehab. But decades before that, Bob Forrest won renown as leader of the shambolic rock band Thelonious Monster, which rose out of the same '80s LA melting pot that produced Fishbone, Jane's Addiction, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Then he fucked everything up, with drugs, booze, drugs, unprocessed trauma, grandiosity, and more drugs. Forrest's music, fuckups, and amazing ongoing second life as a hugely influential addiction counselor are covered in full in Bob and the Monster, Keirda Bahruth's documentary that screens tomorrow night at the Uptown. Following the film, Thelonious Monster will play their first Seattle show in 20 years on the Uptown stage. In advance of the screening and the show, I interviewed Forrest via phone from his Los Angeles home, and you can read the interview here. (And you can view the Bob and the Monster trailer here.)