• Mint Records

Vancouver duo the Pack a.d. released their fourth album, Unpersons, in September, but they wisely waited until October to issue the Halloween-tastic video below (one-time Dirtbomb Jim Diamond provided production duties).

In director Mike Roberts' conception, the ladies come on like a cross between Joan Jett (singer/guitarist Becky Black) and AC/DC (drummer Maya Miller in an Angus Young-type getup). At first, they're just rocking out in a spooky forest, but then they turn into brightly-hued cartoon characters. The effect doesn't last, but then lightning turns the trees around them into ghoulish entities. Even their van morphs into a monster. Not as scary as it sounds, but it serves as a playful counterpoint to the swaggering vocals, raucous riffs, and primal pounding.

Another fine selection from the record:

Sirens by Riot Act

Unpersons is out now on Mint Records.