The Soft Moon, Total Decay EP, Captured Tracks

  • Captured Tracks

The glorious new EP from San Francisco's Soft Moon plays like post-punk's gravest hits by combining the clockwork beats of Cabaret Voltaire, the watery synths of New Order, and the vampiric vocals of Bauhaus with the motorik rhythms of peak-era Krautrock. Moon mastermind Luis Vasquez also appears to have hired a graveyard full of ghosts to provide the backing cries and moans.

It's dark, yet lovely. Gloomy, yet strangely uplifting. As the press notes would have it, Total Decay is "implacably bleak," yet "hypnotic and exhilarating." (I particularly like "Visions," which incorporates the kind of oil can-drumming Savage Republic would elevate to a high art.) The four tracks could serve as the perfect soundtrack for a 16mm black-and-white horror film set in pre-unification Berlin.

If you just can't get enough, Vasquez has put together a fabulous 32-minute mix for FACT, featuring Chrome ("New Age") and 13th Chime ("Cursed").

Captured Tracks releases Total Decay just in time for Halloween. Stream it here.