Stranger music Genius Lars Finberg has joined yet another band: LA’s Wounded Lion. He’s also a member of the Intelligence, Puberty, and Thee Oh Sees. In Wounded Lion, Finberg—ever the versatile, helpful sort—will be wielding guitar and punishing the drumkit. Good luck avoiding carpal-tunnel syndrome, Lars.

Check out “Going Into the Unknown,” a track off Wounded Lion’s new album, IVXLCDM (out Nov. 15 8 on In the Red). It’s a crepuscular, eerie slab of low-slung garage-rock brilliance that bodes well for the rest of the full-length. The video footage of Lew Alcindor/Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is an unexpected bonus.

Press release after the cut.


Through the release of several 45s and last year's debut LP, Wounded Lion have established themselves as Los Angeles' catchiest art-punk band. Fans have stopped and paid attention to their exciting and weirdly direct live shows as well as their strange and original music videos. When someone experiences Wounded Lion for the first time, their spine both relaxes and activates with happiness as they realize that something really genuine and cool is alive in the LA underground and that they don't just have to rely on rad memories of the Urinals, Suburban Lawns, or Wall of Voodoo to know that something is skulking through toxic runoff of the entertainment capital of the world.

With this LP, the Lion has grown smarter and meaner with the addition of Lars Finberg (chief INTELLIGENCE officer, original pounder for the A FRAMES, and current drummer #2 for THEE OH SEES) nailing it behind the drum kit and adding rich, fucked-futurist guitar action. The LP was recorded by the singular Chris Woodhouse (MAYYORS, KARATE PARTY, etc.), and the sound of the album is dense and purposeful with clattering duel-Telecaster strum, tube amp hum and feel it in your chest kick drum. (

All the other Lions bring their A game in 10 songs recorded live over a whole 2 days, mostly in single takes, straight to the goo of two-inch tape. The dudes rocked. Tambourines were destroyed. They dug a tunnel out of a Black Ops prison with sound. They sang about numbers, animals, artificial catagories, a specific episode of the Love Boat, and going into the unknown. The absurd and the sincere had a baby and it doesn't have a name. Go ahead, hold the baby - it feels good!

One of the best records of 2011- not just from Los Angeles or the underground, but from the entire spectrum of activity of living things in the universe!