What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but in the words of Richard Fariña: "Its a long long way down to Reno Nevada, it's a long long way to your home." Apparently, the journey back was too much for Seattle's favorite porcine mammary; Tit Pig has decided to split after a particularly chaotic night of unmentionable antics in the biggest little city on the last leg of their tour.

Heshers all across King county may be shedding a tear, but don't despair; Singer Sean Prawn tells me there are new projects in the works. I was talking to one of their fans Ben Cissner about it, who said, “You should mention that on the bright side, we won't have to grit our teeth through a strained sophomore concept album.” “But Ben...they don't even have a freshman album...I think they just had a tape” “That’s why it’s funny”

So goodbye sweet Tit Pig, we barely knew ye.