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With a new Fall album on the way,* there's no shortage of M.E.S. interviews flying around the internet, but I particularly enjoyed this one, which opens as follows:

Some of the things Mark E. Smith doesn't care for...include, in no particular order: doctors, Cheshire, Jane Austen, Manchester United, The Guardian, David Bowie, the NYPD, "soft lads who blab", red wine, Australia, Princess Diana, "proles", the smoking ban, psychologists, Alan Hansen and Alan Shearer ("They look like policemen. I bet they go shopping together"), liberals who opposed the Falklands War, Brighton ("Shit pubs, shit atmosphere"), J.R.R. Tolkien, dogs, Kojak ("He's a twat"), and giving interviews.

* Cherry Red released it in the UK on 11/14; in the US, it comes out on 11/22.

Mark E. Smith has been a Can fan longer than you have.

I also dig this quote, which describes M.E.S. so well: "Manchester has produced many men of this kind. Hard men with hard livers; faces like unmade beds."

And here's MOJO's chat with the guy, from which I learned that the Fall recorded Ersatz at Liam Watson's Toe Rag Studios. That's always a good thing, especially if you like Billy Childish, Holly Golightly, etc. (or at least the rough and ready production on their recordings). Best part: when he refers to Twitter as Tweeter.

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Random rant: I wish MOJO wouldn't censor profanity on its site—especially in an interview with a chap who loves a good fuck and a shit as much as M.E.S. (double entendre intended). Even The Guardian, which the man dislikes,* doesn't do that; one of many reasons why it's my favorite to The New York Times, which does. Also, the cover art for Ersatz G.B. is even worse than the hastily assembled collage slapped on 2010's Your Future Our Clutter. Seriously, Mr. Smith: step up your game. Those classic Fall records had the best covers.

* The Guardian gave Ersatz a two-star review, i.e. "Greenway is what the Metallica and Lou Reed album would sound like had they all spent four decades living in grinding poverty in a wet shed."