After hearing a song for at least the third or fourth time over the Thanksgiving weekend (in grocery stores, in commercials), I sent my brother a text about it. When it comes to contemporary popular music, I often prefer picking his brain to googling.

To: [Little Brother]
Sent: Sat, Nov 26, 7:34 pm

What is this “something something in the house tonight/everybody gonna have a good time” song? “Every day I’m shufflin’… wickawickawheeewheeeeeee” etc. ?

The song, he immediately informed me, was “Party Rock Anthem,” by LFMAO.

It has now been stuck in my head for three days, and I am slowly losing my mind. I went to Damn You Autocorrect! for unrelated laughs and there was a (comically autocorrected) conversation about having that song stuck in your head. This morning I started uncontrollably humming it. When I googled "party rock anthem stuck in my head" there were over 200,000 hits. Then (because of the googling) I found myself watching approximately a trillion YouTube videos of 10 year old girls' gymnastics routines/marching band performances/little kids sitting on their mom's laps, all doing their thing to this song, and now I really can’t escape it. My new plan is, of course, loudly humming ’50s TV theme songs, the only surefire ohrwurm-removal method. (And double grrrr: LMFAO always serves to remind me of LFO, a band name I would like to forget. Fie!)