Tim Maia was a Brazilian pop/soul/funk musician who released 33 albums from 1970 until his death in 1998. Here is his hit single "Não Quero Dinheiro (Só Quero Amar)" from his 1971 self-titled, which was the second of ten different eponymous albums he put out. The upbeat number features some triumphant-sounding horns and strings and Portuguese lyrics about wanting love instead of money.

Enter Cambridge, MA producer Silky Johnson. In addition to having an excellent name and having produced tracks for Main Attrakionz (including a couple from the Mondre EP I posted about last week), he released a pretty strong free instrumental album a couple months ago appropriately called Hater of the Year. Here is the album's first track, "Fuck the Money," a title that makes much more sense with knowledge of the sample material.

He pretty much just loops a sped-up main chorus groove, but he adds in the perfect complements for it. Those skittering hi-hats, that cracking snare, the trunk-ready bass, all sounding like he ran it through some lo-fi filter to preserve that dusty '70s feel. A beat of this kind just begs to be freestyled to. Local rappers, take note.

Stream or download the rest of Hater of the Year on Silky Johnson's Bandcamp. While browsing and bumping along, see if you can spot all the famous haters on the cover art. And since 2011 is almost over now, who's your nomination for "Hater of the Year?"