Whipped cream pouring like water falls!
  • "Whipped cream pouring like water falls!"

A few days ago, Emily was searching for songs about pizza on YouToob and came across this infectious gem. Taken from a scene in the 1995 masterpiece You're Invited to Mary-Kate & Ashley's Sleepover Party, the 1/2 speed version sounds a whole lot like a lo-fi cough syrup four-track masterpiece. The Olsen Twinz & three female bros (the one in the purple top is defs XX chromosomes) go through a gross-out list of things to put on a pizza, now that the parental supervision is scant. The original version is really fast, the high kid voices turn into absolute brilliance when cut in half. Judging by the number of views and remixes, this video has been around the block more than a few times; sorry to be so late to the table.

*Highlights include every second between 0:00 & 3:42.

Here's the original speed spazzy seizure version. It's a baffler to think how long they spent writing and rehearsing this:

Bonus Olsen racism shoulder-shrugger: if the girl asking for chicken in the first video caused concern, consider this offensive clip:

"Toss some fish, let it fly. Fly, fly...pizza pie."