Okay, so I just moved to Fremont, up the hill and EAST of 99, natch, and last night was the first time I had a chance to go out and exactly what the fuck did I find? ADD-A-BALL!! An ARCADE?! In godamn FREMONT?! Yup, AND...by the way, they serves the beer, so 21 and over, kids. In fact, Add-a Ball ain't nothing but an arcade, it's NOT a club with an arcade, it is solely an arcade. Right, so, holy shit I had fun, even tho' I royally SUCK balls when it comes to video games. Um, as I'm a record nerd I dunno exactly the huge awesomeness of the games they evidently have, but the "World Cup Soccer" game was some serious kick ass. The jams were sweet too, they had their RADIO dial set to 104.5, so both Spirit AND the Sonics buzzed my ears. The atmosphere is "perfect hang out." It's the basement you wish you could'a had when you were 14, if you were 14 in 1983, AND with a beer option, so, a TOP CLASS HANG OUT all 'round.

As for any other details...um, well, I was quite wasted when I showed up so I have no idea their hours or shit like that, but I can tell you where AaB is located...it's BEHIND, and under, Piece of Mind (315 N. 36th St.) in Fremont. Just head down the hill, parking lot/taco truck side, towards the alley look to your right and you'll see a real bright blue and red sign that says "Arcade". Okay?! Dig?! Now go, hang, and be stoked.