Thaddeus David, previously known as Young TH in SOTA and Thadwick Tristen Trevor III in Helluvastate, just released "By Any Means," the first single from his upcoming solo project titled Maven. A South End native and son of a local musician, Thaddeus has become somewhat of an OG to the new school of Seattle hiphop with both his involvement in local projects (and features for local artists ranging from Stevie and Sam to Nacho Picasso) and heavy Town presence for years now.

The new track features production from longtime LA collaborators Ski Team and guest spots from fellow SOTA guy Parker and Onry Ozzborn, OG to a slightly older school of the local set. Stream it below or on the Members Only Bandcamp page, and be on the lookout for Maven, a collection of solo songs Thaddeus has recorded over the last two years, dropping January 27.