To follow up on this post on my Pazz & Jop ballot from yesterday… I didn’t really listen closely to Oneohtrix Point Never’s latest album, Replica, until after I’d finalized my ballot, so my fave cut from it, “Explain,” failed to make my top-10 tracks list. A tragic turn of events, for sure. But I’m going to partially compensate for that gross mishap by posting about “Explain” here.

The last track on Replica (a strong album all the way through, by the way), “Explain” is like a prolonged, rapturous sigh of relief after a long, arduous journey. It strikes me as what would’ve transpired if My Bloody Valentine, still wondering what the hell to do after releasing the paradigm-shifting Loveless in November 1991, had collaborated with Seefeel, MBV’s closest competitors for the shoegaze throne, in 1993, when Seefeel dropped their aqua-solar-dub debut EP, More Like Space. The word "heavenly" gets tossed around too casually by music reviewers (I may have done it cavalierly myself in my younger, less disciplined days), but in this case it's totally justified. "Explain" proffers a gilded, lavender-scented ladder to a much lovelier, loftier realm