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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

12 Local Bands I'm Excited for in 2012: Boom City

Posted by on Tue, Jan 3, 2012 at 11:40 AM

Over the next 12 days, I'm going to highlight 12 local bands I like a whole lot and I hope will have a great 2012. In no particular order, really. And just because. Here's #1!

Boom City
If you aren’t opposed to the term “Supergroup,” it would totally apply to newish Seattle band Boom City. There’s Eric Howk of the Lashes, Cristina Bautista of Visqueen and Paxil Rose (and her own impressive solo project), Burke Thomas of Vendetta Red, Pris, and Megasapien, and Nils Larson of the Greatest Hits. Put them together and BOOM! You’ve got Boom City, who play pounding and gleeful power pop laden with keyboards, harmonies, and a little attitude. Are you the type of person you likes it when other people describe things as “It’s like _________ on steroids”? Okay, then it’s like the Ramones on steroids. With guitar solos. And more than three chords. That comparison actually doesn’t work. One should never say “It’s like _________ on steroids.” Anyway! They're great! And their debut EP, a sampling taken from their upcoming full-length (which they plan to release this year), was recoded by Eric Corson and John Roderick and mixed by John Goodmanson. Look at all the names that were dropped in this paragraph! Good names, too. Boom City is destined to be great. Fuck it, they already are great. In 2011, it became apparent that Seattle’s music community has folk, alt-country, hiphop, heavy rock, metal, and hardcore covered, but good ol’ pop has taken a bit of a hit (RIP Visqueen). Well Boom City are bringing it back. And thank god for that.

You can download their EP for FREE right here.


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