It's 2012, y'all. There's really no reason to bring up BrokeNCYDE these days, is there? I mean, they even released a new album this past November, and nobody fucking noticed. Not even Sergeant D.

I s'pose that in the wake of crabcore, furrycore, and uh, whatever the fuck it is that teenagers are listening to these days, BrokeNCYDE seem almost kind of quaint.

Kids who were young/stupid enough to legitimately enjoy "Freaxxx" when it came out are going to be graduating high school this year. Scary. Imagine when they're going to be old enough to wax nostalgic about the summer of '08. Does that mean that retro-crunkcore is going to be on the horizon? I hope I am dead before that happens.

Which brings me to that aforementioned recent album, Guilty Pleasure. To paraphrase Westside Connection, it's so wack, it ain't even worth dissing. So why am I blogging about it? Here we go: track 12, "U MAD BRO?" a response to their "haters."

Quite honestly, the idea of BC13 having haters right now is pretty laughable, as the response to Guilty Pleasure as far as I can tell, was one part mild annoyance, two parts indifference, and three parts "these guys are still around?"

Well, I guess they do have one hater. Check this guy out:

TL/DW: Bro is really bummed that he can no longer say "U MAD BRO" to his buddies on 4chan, and then spends the better part of TEN MINUTES deconstructing BrokeNCYDE's lyrics. Homedude is REALLY UPSET that Se7en has no qualms about rhyming a word with itself.

Have I reached the end of the Internet? More than likely. I feel kinda bad for BrokeNCYDE, because they have like, six months left tops before they have to go get jobs. This guy though? I can laugh at him a little because HE MAD BRO. Y U MAD BRO?