I just watched all nine minutes of this thing. If you've also watched all nine minutes of this thing, it is mandatory that you leave your thoughts in the comments. Apparently these dudes have been a band for 30 years (props for sticking it out as long as I've been alive!) and the music really isn't that bad if you're into over-the-top histrionic power metal (admittedly not my bag), but this video, oh man. This video, dude. Whoa.

Some quick thoughts:

Obviously, the singer is the star of the show, but check that guitar player out. He is just so stoked to be there, and dig how his hair is just long enough for rock and roll, but reasonable enough to fit in at some middle-management job.

Singer dude almost rips his jacket open (but thinks better of it) not once, not two, actually I stopped counting after the fourth time.

Dude! Don't wave that fire around inside! You're going to burn your living room down!

Cross wipe! Video Toaster is my jam!

My girlfriend thinks these dudes might be the next Complete. I can see where she's coming from, but I think there's not enough crystal meth involved in Virgin Steele's regimen for them to really get to the same place. I'm thinking that the fresh blood of virgins is these bros' drug of choice. Is it possible they could be the next Anvil?

ht: Ian Miller