So this past Friday night, pre-snowpocalypse, it was still pretty chilly. My friend and I, let's call her "Helga," decide to take a taxi from my apartment at 16th and Denny Street, down to the Funhouse near 5th and Denny. Helga wanted to take the #8 bus, but I insisted a cab wouldn't be that expensive. It wasn't. Our Yellow Cab pal blasted straight down Denny hill, hitting most of the green lights, and our fare was $7.55. We gave him a $10 bill.

I always tip when Im drunk
  • I always tip when I'm drunk
In typical Funhouse form, we had too much fun and by 1:50 a.m. we were standing on 5th Ave, drunker than skunks. Helga also twisted her ankle during the last set, so not only was she her wearing her drunkie pants—she couldn't walk. We tried hailing and calling both Yellow and Orange taxis, but no one would come. After what seemed like an eternity (and was probably about 20-25 minutes) a long, black limousine pulled up. I yanked open the door and asked if "it would cossh a million dollarsh to go to Capitol Hillshh." Limo guy says "No. Get in."

Limo guy flies up Denny, hitting most of the green lights. We get to my apartment building, and he stops. Without looking at any meter, he says "$25 bucks please." We drunkenly fumble, and he repeats it two more times. Limo guy is also HUGE. A freak. A giant. A scary-giant-freak wearing lots of gold jewelry, cologne, and suit-n-tie. I give him a credit card. And a tip. $30.

What I want to know, is almost triple-fare normal for a limo? Even one you didn't call or schedule? Even one from Lynwood Washington that most certainly picked you up because you and your friend Helga looked like two drunk bimbos, swaying and weaving on a sidewalk in front of a bar?

We were stupid*, to be sure, but were we also taken for a ride?

*Not stupid was the Funhouse lineup—Thee Cormans, Le Sang Song, Broomsticks, and Telemesser. Loved all three local bands, plus Cormans. Photos of the latter after the jump...





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