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(Nectar) See My Philosophy.

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Nipsey Hussle, Avatar Young Blaze, Eighty4 Fly, Bonaphied

(Neumos) Avatar Young Blaze is one of the most intriguing characters in Seattle's rap climate today, not only because of his music—Araabmuzik-produced street bangers laced with his signature snarling drawl of a flow and bars like "2.5 grams of Bubba in the Swisher Sweet/Ezell's Chicken, Philly Fevre, that's all I eat"—but because of his overall persona. A skinny Russian dude with heavy Deuce 8 ties who can be seen posted up in front of that closed-down Jackson Street Grocery Store with an imposing crew of thugs in his latest video for "Fly High," Young Blaze commands, and more importantly, deserves your attention this year. MIKE RAMOS

See also My Philosophy.

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