Chuck Klosterman's writing and indie-bro ways have always been on the edge of completely irritating, no matter who he is talking about, but his response to tUnE-yArDs being voted #1 on the Pazz and Jop Poll was especially annoying. "The Pitfalls of Indie Fame," is meant to reflect how people's relationship with a hyped musician will change over the years, but whole thing reads like a satire of a old and out-of-touch dude trying to discredit something he doesn't understand, lazily implying that Merril Garbus will likely end up as another Indie Flavor of the Month. He admits that he's "not really in a position to argue for (or against) the merits of tUnE-yArDs,” but still manages to throw in a few shitty examples of his limited understanding:

"tUnE-yArDs is essentially one person, a somewhat androgynous American woman named Merrill Garbus. This is her second album. I get the sense that asexuality is part of her hippie aesthetic, because I just looked at the tUnE-yArDs Wikipedia page and noticed that the wiki writer put a lot of effort into never using gender-specific pronouns."

He got quite a few angry responses about it; Maura Johnston at the Village Voice labeled his attitude "Old Man Yells At Cloud That He Seems To Find Gender-Ambiguous," L Magazine called for the end of male-dominated "High Fidelity" rock criticism and this blog parody of the article is just pretty funny.