Meet Emotional Bag Check. You go here, and you have two choices: "Check it" or "Carry it."

Check it:

Take a minute to unload whatever’s been bringing you down. Big or small, doesn’t matter. Sometimes it just helps to get it out there and know someone heard it.

Carry it:

Take a minute to read about someone else’s issues. Then choose a song to help get them through the pain. We'll send it along to them.

Here is the FAQ for the site. The creator, a freelance web developer named Robyn, calls it an art project.

I dunno. I kind of feel like when the "what music should I listen to for my x and y type of emotional pain" feeling hits, you just ask your friends. That's what they're for! And also the Top 25 song list is not very encouraging. But on the other hand, hot damn. This could get seriously addictive, right? Trying to perfectly assuage a complete stranger's pain with music? Has anyone tried it?

Thanks, Hot Tipper Kitri (and The Hairpin)!