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Friday, February 3, 2012

Tonight in Music: The Pharmacy, Night Beats, Slowdance, Knxwledge, Ramiro, Rhines, DTCPU, Al Nightlong, Scribes, Cool Nutz, Kung Foo Grip, E and Dae, Kingz of Kush, Astronomar, Grynch, Brokaw, Akimbo, Deadkill, Crawler, Wreckless Eric & More

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The Pharmacy, Night Beats, Slowdance

(Black Lodge) See preview.

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Beats: Knxwledge, Brownbear, DTCPU, Al Nightlong

(Vermillion) See Data Breaker.

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Strobe: Justin Sloe, Ramiro, Rhines, Ctrl_Alt_Dlt, Deepvibez

(Re-bar) See Data Breaker.

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Scribes, Cool Nutz, Kung Foo Grip, E and Dae, Kingz of Kush, Astronomar, Grynch

(Neumos) See My Philosophy.

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Brokaw, Akimbo, Deadkill, Crawler

(Sunset) Tonight is the record-release show for Seattle quartet Brokaw's debut full-length, Interiors. The band's origins can be traced back something like 35 years, when Stuart Dahlquist and guitarist Rick Troy started playing together. You can hear the history in the record's jagged-edged guitar work, crushing rhythm section, and tenacious pace. This sound is mean without anger, and it's deployed exactly how they want it. Interiors will be one of the tightest Seattle rock records to drop this year, and I can't wait to hear it loud and live. GRANT BRISSEY

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Wreckless Eric, Thee Sgt. Major III, Head, Tripwires

(Funhouse) Wreckless Eric's been around since something like 1800s England, where he wrote one of the best punk singles of all of time "(I'd Go the) Whole Wide World"—a perfect and perfectly simple song often taught by guitar teachers because it only has two chords. "Whole Wide World"—which has been covered by Elvis Costello, the Monkees, and Paul Westerberg—was first released on legendary UK punk/new-wave label Stiff. But don't go to this show and be a total asshole, fawning only for this single. Wreckless Eric is now more like Wreckless & Amy—a sweet garage pop two-piece made up of Eric and his wife, NYC songbird Amy Rigby. KELLY O

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Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra, Total Life

(Crocodile) Led by Godspeed You! Black Emperor's Efrim Menuck, Montreal's Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra (SMZ, henceforth) make grandiose rock that's as long-winded as their name. Unlike the mostly instrumental GY!BE, SMZ feature Menuck's ungainly singing voice; like GY!BE, SMZ launch epic chamber-rock compositions that drift, swell, and sometimes explode—all very methodically. This is music for people with long attention spans and an appreciation for subtle emotional gradients—especially those in the key of somber. The tension between "ponderousness" and "dramatic" is ever-present, if you like that kind of thing. DAVE SEGAL

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The Dusty 45s, the Maldives, Lazy Susan, the Young Evils, Betsy Olson, Davidson Hart Kingsbery, the Purrs

(Showbox at the Market) It's been really cold outside lately, and thankfully a lot of us have a warm home to go to at night. But there are thousands of people in the Northwest who aren't so lucky. You can help! Tonight's show—with some of Seattle's best—is a benefit for DESC, an organization that has been fighting homelessness since 1979. So not only do you get to enjoy the music of great local artists—the swinging Dusty 45s, the Americana-loving Maldives, acoustic cuties the Young Evils, and more—but all proceeds from your ticket will go directly to help end homelessness. Learn more about DESC and its efforts at MEGAN SELING

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In Flames, Trivium, Veil of Maya, Kyng

(Showbox Sodo) In Flames basically invented melodic death metal, along with fellow Swedish metal bands At the Gates and Dark Tranquility. I know this only because my high-school boyfriend and his friends were really into metal, and when In Flames came to town WE JUST HAD TO GO. I didn't know where to buy the requisite spiked jewelry (Hot Topic was for poseurs!), so I went to a pet store in Ballard and got an actual dog collar. I do not remember the show, except that it sounded like this: "GRAAAAAAOOOOOOUUAAAAAAGGHHHHHHH!!!!!" and felt like a million people squishing me to death for no reason. Here is my friend's review: "There was no ventilation, and the show was way oversold, and we were almost crushed by masses of douchebags. Also, the opening band sucked about a hundred balls. Also, that was 10 years ago. Which is just awful." Ah, youth. ANNA MINARD

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