Lana Del Rey Postpones Tour: Letting the haters get her down, Lana Del Rey postpones an upcoming tour, presumably to let the SNL backlash die down.

Yes: Daft Punk is supposedly enlisting Nile Rodgers to work on their new album.

Boo: Celebrated fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld calls Adele "a little too fat," but says he still prefers to her other female singers at the moment.

What Did You Really Expect?: Turns out Kid Rock's "Made in Detroit" clothing line is not actually made anywhere near Detroit/Michigan/USA.

Stream the New Tennis Album: It's right over here, and when you're done with that get ready to see them on April 26th at the Crocodile.

M.I.A. Could Get Fined: TMZ says she likely signed a contract with the NFL that puts her completely on the hook for whatever possible fine is levied by the FCC, all for one little middle finger sign-off.

If You Need Another Reason Not to Watch the Grammys: How about because Chris Brown will be performing three years after he beat up Rihanna en route to the awards show.

St. Vincent "Cheerleader": Here's the new video to my favorite song off her new record Strange Mercy, where she's a porcelain King Kong in an art gallery. Enjoy!