I woke up this morning at 8, like I do every morning. I've had my alarm clock since I was 12 and there is only one time since using it in all of these years that I've had to change the batteries. It's a great alarm clock. The alarm is a rooster crowing, which is soothing, since I am years from when I was around roosters on the family farm.

This morning, it was the sound of a rooster crowing to dubstep? Cock-a-doodle-dubstep? I got my brain together pretty fast and realized it wasn't a breakbeat I was hearing, it was a fucking jackhammer pulverizing the concrete in the ally behind my house. I think they're either doing some preliminary condo work, maintenance, or trying to find the C.H.U.D.s that have been terrorizing the Fusion Ultra Lounge on Friday and Saturday nights. Why else would there be screaming and the smell of weed at 12 am? There are always broken beer bottles and smashed cans spread around the sidewalk in front of my house!

C.H.U.D.s party hard.

Regardless, I hate jackhammers. I especially hate jackhammers when I'm trying to make breakfast and listen to records in the morning.