Bonnaroo 2012 Festival: The list of acts has been announced, maybe you'd like to watch an ESPN Sportscenter anchor play his "battle-axe" as the lineup gets animated. (The big names: Radiohead, Phish, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and the Beach Boys.)

First They Invite You To Judge a Battle of the Bands, Then They Ask You For Policy Advice: Mark Hoppus of Blink-182 weighed in on British politics on BBC Radio the other day.

Shakira Attacked by Sea Lion: Rather than go she-wolf all over the aquatic mammal, the Colombian singer tweeted/facebook'd the encounter, and believes it may have been after her BlackBerry.

20 Year PiL: The first new Public Image Ltd song in 20 years is now available for streaming.

Stream the Sleigh Bells: Newest, and still unreleased, album Reign of Terror is streaming at the New York Times' website (because if it was streaming out of a real newspaper that would be totally insane and I'd get at delivered it my house) along with a story about 'em. I believe their February 24th date at the Showbox Sodo is sold out, so I'm sorry if y'all slept on that.

Jezebel Has the Scoop (Just in Time for Valentine's Day): This could possibly be the ex-boyfriend that inspired Adele's 21 album/Grammy success. Also, Adele announced that after winning all those little trophies, she is "fucking off for five years" and the next record will be a happy one.

City Wide Sing Along: In San Francisco, the mayor asks for every radio station to play Tony Bennett's "I Left My Heart in San Francisco" at noon today because it's the songs 50th anniversary.

It's Valentine's Day: If you're on the Internet you probably don't need any reminders about what day it is, but here's Paul Westerberg playing one of my favorite Replacements songs, anyway.