I went to a cocktail conference last week in Vancouver, B.C., and all I got was this lousy column and this mountain of swag*:

So. Much. Swag.
  • So. Much. Swag.

Look at it all! Some things that are included:

· Rubber Clamato bar mat!
· Havana Club hat!
· Bacardi ice bucket with leatheresque trim, with tongs also with leatheresque trim!
· Unbranded hockey-stick swizzle stick!
· Fireball flask, 3 oz.!
· Disaronno citrus squeezer (made of metal, possibly useful)!
· Skky Vodka unisex microfleece neck gaitor!
· Jagermeister wristband!
· Sailor Jerry dogtag necklace/bottle opener (always be prepared)!
· Unbranded pink compact with double-mirror insides and rhinestone heart detail (ditto?)!
· Vermont Gold shot glass
· Packet of Demitri's Ultimate Caesar ("JUST ADD CLAMATO")!

Also, there's a fancyish Disaronno notebook, a Domaine de Canton cocktail recipe book (hardback!), and two t-shirts reading "I [CAMPARI in a heart shape] Negroni" on the front and "Bitter Bash / Tales of the Cocktail on Tour Vancouver 2012" on the back (men's/women's medium, 100% cotton, red). Also, a copy of the Valentine's day Globe and Mail (unspindled).**

DO YOU WANT ANY OF THIS? Claim your swag in comments—one item per person please, first come/first served, 21+ only, and you MUST be able to pick it up on Capitol Hill during business hours this week.

*Also I met some nice new people (and fell down a flight of stairs), and I saw a dog with a cask around its neck and a small Seattle contingent.

**I'm keeping the January/February issue of Imbibe, two kinds of shrub (that's fruit vinegar, the latest addition to schmancy-old-fashionedy-cocktail-making) from Sage and Sea Farms in Portland, and a very cute miniature bottle of Angostura bitters. And, need it be said, the airplane bottles of liquor are already gone. First come, first served!