Seattle psych-rock band Midday Veil periodically engage in what they call "Subterranean Rituals"—epic improvisations performed under the influence of influential things. These pieces deviate somewhat from their more tightly composed songs, containing more drones and glossolaliac incantations and scaling slightly more mystical heights. A great case in point is “Moon Temple” from their Subterranean Ritual II EP (Translinguistic Other), the video for which is below. MV vocalist/guitarist Emily Pothast and guitarist Timm Mason produced the clip while the latter was serving a residence at Experimental Television Center in New York in 2010. Pothast edited the 24-minute video, which she playfully claims is full of “Narcissist Feedback Loop Insanity.”

There’s an aptly ritualistic, devotional aura to the imagery, in which Pothast’s robed figure goes through op-art and solarized transfigurations and multiplications. Stroboscopic effects and color saturations and evaporations proliferate, lending the video an evanescent quality and a captivating mystique. At 15:54, things turn very strange and ominously Argento-esque. The chaotic climax that begins around the 20-minute mark is just what Dr. Feelgood ordered. The long gestation period of this audio-visual tour de force certainly has been worth the wait. Long may it haunt and taunt you.

Midday Veil also just completed mixing their second studio LP, The Current, with engineer Randall Dunn at Avast! Release date is uncertain, as they're currently seeking a label to issue it. MV plan to play dates in mid March in Seattle, New Orleans, and various cities in Texas. (See tour dates after the cut.)


March 1 Rat & Raven, Seattle, WA
March 3 Bad for Jazz # 12 at SPACE, Seattle, WA
March 9 Pastime Tavern, Dallas, TX
March 10 SXSW Runoff Fest at Super Happy Fun Land, Houston, TX
March 11 Cafe Istanbul, New Orleans, LA
March 15 Austin Psych Fest SXSW Party, Spiderhouse, Austin, TX
March 16 Redefine Magazine Showcase, House of Commons, Austin, TX