Absolute Monarchs have a new album called 1 coming out April 17th on Good to Die Records. Guitar player (and duct tape artist) Shawn Kock spoke about the first track on the record called "Attack." Kerry Zettel of See Me River assisted with the responses.

** Absolute Monarchs play tonight at The Highline with Strong Killings, Swayze, and White Coward.

Absolute Monarchs: "Attack"

What's “Attack” about?

The song was loosely based on the Bourne series. Specifically the Bourne Ultimatum, in which Jason Bourne dodges a ruthless CIA official and his agents from a new assassination program while searching for the origins of his life as a trained killer. Joel (Schneider) portrays the emotional struggles of Jason Bourne both lyrically and vocally. The cultivated movie goer will also find elements of Highlander Endgame.

Where did y'all record?

With Matt Bayles at Red Room Studios. Recording can be a drawn out and tedious process for all those involved but creates plenty of free time to enjoy and re-enjoy the Bourne series and glean the subtle nuances of Highlander:Endgame.

What comes to mind thinking about the sessions?

We spent much of the session in character. “The Final Countdown” is a great song.

I heard something with bananas happened while y’all were recording.

Joel walked the five block trek to the corner store to purchase bananas for the band to share. But came back one banana shy. And then he spilled his coffee.