Editor's Note: Seattle's Monogamy Party is currently on tour for about 10 days, traveling down the West Coast. They'll be graciously checking in from time to time, telling us their stories from the road. If you live in California or Oregon, you can see their upcoming tour dates here. You can read the first installment of their tour diary here.

Maybe the best picture of two dudes pissing.
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  • Maybe the best picture of two dudes pissing.
Riding high off of our Portland debauchery, we arrived beaten and battered in Arcata, CA with good spirits. The drive down the 101 is one of the most beautiful drives you can ever experience, but everyone knows that. We were playing the Alibi, which is a seedy dive that in order to find you have to forage through the thick haze of weed smoke that covers all of Humboldt County. You also may have to dodge some hippies, juggalos, oogles, and other types of people that you could lump into the category of "dirt worshippers."

Note to all touring musicians: If you're going to be playing a show in northern California and like A LOT of beer, play The Alibi. They automatically give you 5 pitchers of Olympia as well as half off food. If Ian, the bartender, is feeling in a particularly giving mood he may even lay a couple extra pitchers on you. This was the case in our visit.

We ate a good meal for cheap and then proceeded to nap like a motherfucker. Recovery. After setting up, Kennedy and Zach made sure to speak of marijuana very loudly until somebody offered to smoke a joint with them. That's when shit got weird. This dude said "the weed out here is for pros," and he wasn't fucking kidding. Kennedy couldn't provide his usually grating banter and Zach couldn't even stand during our set because of this weed. It wouldn't have mattered anyway as everyone watched us with crossed arms and only "polite" applause.

People shamelessly sleep in Dons.
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  • People shamelessly sleep in Don's.
AM Beers closed out the night. They are a "Eureka Drunx Punx" band. They had one song that stood out among the others about the continuing problem of alcohol addiction in Arcata. My best guess would be that it was called "Born To Be A Drunk," as the only line in the whole song that was repeated for two minutes straight was "I was born to be a drunk, was born to be." At one point the music completely dropped out and all the bar patrons joined in on the chant.

When bar closing time came we had no place to stay and no beer. I ran inside before time was up and asked the bartender if there was any chance he could sell some "to go" beers. He kindly obliged, while ignoring my 7 hints that we had no place to stay, so I returned to the van with 6 more "big boys" of Pabst. We then went to a place called "Don's" that specializes in donuts, pizza, and sandwiches and is open 24 hours a day. They pretty much have the stoner market (which is the whole market in Arcata) cornered. The place was filled with more dirt worshippers as well as people napping. They make a pretty mean spicy chicken pizza. Van sleep ensued.

Yos-wa thought the item on fire was a pineapple chunk, but it turned out it was a crouton.  He still ate it.
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  • Yos-wa thought the item on fire was a pineapple chunk, but it turned out it was a crouton. He still ate it.
The next two days were days off so not too much happened. The first day, we drove down to San Francisco where we played a lot of darts at an old dude dive and we drank a flaming punchbowl of sugary liquor. Also, after a long and tireless search, February 26th was the day Zach finally obtained a copy of Pump of the Volume. The second day we got weird on the beach in San Diego. Watched the waves crash with a stormy night sky backdrop and stayed in a sketchy neighborhood with a lot of police activity. We'll be playing the Tower Bar in San Diego tonight with Secret Fun Club, Batwings, and Moosejaw. Kennedy's feeling better.

Keith really wanted to take this home, but he got instantly vetoed.
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  • Keith really wanted to take this home, but he got instantly vetoed.