Apropros of nothing, save for the fact that I recently played it at a DJ gig and was stunned once again over how goddamned infectious and mood-elevating it is, I want to put forth the opinion that the best Jackson 5/Jacksons song is “2-4-6-8.”

Of course, there is a lot of competition for this honor, as the J5 canon is loaded with gems. Some close contenders for my top spot include “Enjoy Yourself,” “Goin’ Back to Indiana,” “Get It Together,” “Skywriter,” “Time Explosion,” “Mama’s Pearl,” “Keep on Dancing,” “Can You Feel It,” and the obvious, obvious ones: “I Want You Back,” “"ABC," Never Can Say Goodbye,” and “The Love You Save,” But nothing surpasses “2-4-6-8” (which can be found on 1970's ABC LP) for sheer jump-through-the-ceiling euphoria. The sinuous vocal arrangement, the guitar squawk, the buoyant bass line, and Michael singing his tiny, pre-pubescent ass off—all of this culminates into something you can play for hours on end, and its sugar rush never wanes.

However, you may disagree. What is your favorite Jackson 5/Jacksons song? This may be the most important decision you make all hour.