Spotted in the window of Seattle art shop Cake Spy:

Ace Lincoln
  • K.C. Fennessy
  • "Ace Lincoln" and his two-dimensional bodyguard: Salvador Dalí

Because "Abraham Frehley" wouldn't have the same ring. More details below.

Ace Lincoln
  • Cake Spy

Mike Capp is famous for his wonderful "mash-up" style. Charlie Brown as a Droog, Vincent Price as Winnie the Pooh, and now "Ace Lincoln." His unique acrylic and oil paintings are transformed into the coolest t-shirts ever! This charcoal gray 100% cotton t-shirt (pre-shrunk) has the awesome "Ace Lincoln." Honest Abe's stoic gaze makes the perfect canvas for Ace Frehley's classic face.

KISS's finest—and funkiest—moment appeared on Frehley's self-titled 1978 album.

Cake Spy is located at 415 E. Pine St. on Capitol Hill. Or order the shirt here.