If You Thought It's Hard Being Emo Here: News reports from Iraq suggest that dozens of teenagers in the country have been murdered for their emo lifestyle (which is also conflated with homosexuality and devil worshipping) by roving militias.

Can't Make it To SXSW?: Here's a playlist of 122 artists who will be performing during the week.

For Two Discs They'll Need All the Help They Can Get: On the upcoming two-disc album from Swans/Michael Gira, artists such as Karen O, Alan Sparhawk (Low) and Akron/Family will make some very special guest appearances.

Beware the Brackets of March: Hopping aboard the March Madness is MTV News, with their third annual pitting-bands-against-each-other-for-no-apparent-reason. I have no idea if the bands win anything for advancing, or if you'll win anything for filing out a bracket, but I urge you to pick Fucked Up over Mumford & Sons in the initial round and try to right one of the many wrongs in the music industry.

Kyuss Sued!: Josh Homme files suit against some members of his former band for carrying on the Kyuss name.

In Other Lawsuit News: The lawsuit filed by Syl Johnson against Jay-Z and Kanye West, for not properly clearing a sample of Johnson's Different Strokes on their latest Watch the Throne album, has been dismissed after the sides agreed to a settlement.

Rolling Stone's Exclusive Streams: Listen to new albums from the likes of the Hives and Lee Renaldo.

Highlight of Radiohead's Tour: According to Nigel Godrich, it's having their Kansas City concert picketed by the Westboro Baptist Church.

Las Vegas's Finest: If you're gonna play some mini-golf in the desert, there's probably no better place to visit than the Kiss By Monster Mini Golf Site (yes, it's a mini-golf course from Gene Simmons) that's complete with an arcade, wedding chapel, and array of party rooms.

I'm Straight: I went to a Mad Men themed party on Saturday night (despite having never seen the show I snagged an invite) and while watching boys wear tucked-in dress shirts and attempt to make Manhattans, I just imagined this Jonathan Richman/Modern Lovers song on repeat and ignored whatever actual music was being played.