It's so GROSS outside. And it doesn't help that everyone is so bummed about the weather. Everyone walking around is frowny, everyone inside is damp and bummed.

But I refuse to be grumpy about it. I live in the Pacific Northwest. This is what the Pacific Northwest does. I popped a vitamin D this morning (okay, fine, and an anti-depressant), and I'm not going to let this rain get me down.

Rain can be good! It's cleansing. I've said before, listening to "Rain, Rain" by People Eating People always puts a positive spin on a wet day. And there are plenty more songs out there that make the rain sound so good. Just a few more:

RVIVR - "Change on Me" (via

What are your favorite "make the rain okay" tracks? Looking at the weather forecast it seems like we'll need as many as we can get.