Well, hello new venue. Okay, maybe not all thaaat new, but unfortunately I haven't been there yet, so it's new to me. In all my sadness over Funhouse possibly closing (PLEASE DO NOT CLOSE, PLEASE DO NOT CLOSE) it's nice to see the calendar of another home base for local punk and rock acts. This month alone, they've booked Midday Veil, Android Hero, Lindseys, and this upcoming Saturday they have a free St. Patrick's Day show with Riffbrokers, Atomic Bride, and the Navins.

I'm hearing good buzz about Atomic Bride's upcoming album Dead Air. Download one of it's singles "Crush Vaccine" (produced by Bill Rieflin who's worked with Telepaths, Ministry, and REM) right here on Atomic Bride.com. Atomic Bride is also slated to play the Funhouse on April 1st.

Get a new crush!

UPDATE: Oopsie—"Crush Vaccine" is actually a special non-LP single. And Dead Air will be out in May with a whole new batch of other singles.