MUSICIANS! Look! This week's paper features the Rock-and-Roll Survival Guide, where we shine a light on some of the grimiest, darkest, and most confusing corners of the music industry.

Want to know how to tour without killing a bandmate? Emily Nokes of Tacocat tells you!

Want to hear about all the shitty jobs you might have to endure in order to eat while trying to make it as a musician? Lars Finberg of the Intelligence shares his stories!

Need some tips for drinking at shows without completely ruining your life or reputation? Kelly O knows all the secrets!

Want to get your music played on the radio? DJs from 107.7 the End and KEXP have some tips for you!

There are also informative interviews with record producer Erik Blood, Grammy winner Ishmael Butler, and the Crocodile's talent buyers Melissa Darby and Hunter Motto.

But that's not all: Bree McKenna invades three local practice spaces and uncovers a Seattle landmark even more disgusting than the infamous Wall of Gum. It's a WALL OF MUCUS:

  • Timothy Rysdyke

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