The Bismarck

Why don't you care about playing Seattle shows anymore?

Because the Bismarck and our music aren't fashionable. It's not for scenesters or buzz-feeding press. We're fine with it at this point. There's plenty of other places we love to play.

(Rat & Raven) See Sound Check.

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Lynne Arriale Trio

(Jazz Alley) In an interview, Lynne Arriale said, "My music comes from a calm place." This is exactly how her music sounds—strangely and effortlessly tranquil. Arriale, who is currently a professor of jazz piano at the University of North Florida, is said to have been drawn into jazz by the work of Herbie Hancock and Keith Jarrett. What these two masters have in common, and what is extended by Arriale's body of work, is a weakness for beauty. Arriale has also made a huge artistic investment in the format that best captures and expresses the jazz piano: the trio. CHARLES MUDEDE

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