Jimmy Page Exhumes Lucifer Soundtrack: Originally recorded in his home studio in the '70s (so, during the heyday of Led Zeppelin), Jimmy Page will release an album of "avant-garde compositions and experiments, one of which was to appear on the film Lucifer Rising" this March.

SXSW 2012 Watch: I thought the festivities were due to go on for another 6 or 7 months, but apparently Saturday night/Sunday morning brought the final concluding parties. Violence erupted during an A$AP Rocky set, with Rocky and his on-stage crew eventually going into the crowd and throwing punches. Elsewhere, members of R.E.M. and Big Star joined Blitzen Trapper for a performance on what was the second anniversary of Alex Chilton's death.

Movie Gets 20 Year Old 'Outtake' for Soundtrack in Major Coup: This summer will bring the second edition to the GI Joe movie franchise, and to drum up interest, the film' execs have gotten Aerosmith to contribute a song outtake from 1991.

Madonna's New Song: Put up on YouTube this Saturday, listen and find out exactly how Madonna fucked up.

If My Mother-in-Law Gets Me To Oklahoma We'll Probably Do the Same Thing: The principal reason for Noel Gallagher and his sons visiting Ireland is to go cow-tipping.

Lana Del Rey's Blue Jeans: Sensing a dip in her buzz, Lana Del Rey releases a new video, for the song "Blue Jeans", onto the world. It's black and white and blurry and features more bathing suits than denim.

CONCENTRATE ZOLA, CONCENTRATE: Folks are worried (myself included) that 2012 could be the first year in a while that Zola Jesus won't have any new music out, as she's been feeling overwhelmed lately.

It Pays to Follow Nils Bernstein on Twitter: Because where else will you find a link that transports you to Pavement's second concert that they ever played.

No More Twin Peaks Episodes Before (Trying to Go to) Bed: Because then I stay up all night half freaked out/half needing to watch more episodes (yes, I'm like 12 years old and haven't seen it before). I was gonna post a video to Julee Cruise's Roadhouse performance of "Rockin' Back Inside My Heart" from the show, but here she is at the BBC, and it's equally unnerving in a lot of ways. Jeepers creepers, just look at those backup singers!