Segal's Roots of Mudhoney post yesterday got me to thinking, AGAIN, beyond the persistent and silly ASSUMPTION that Neil Young "invented grunge." Now, I dunno if anyone ever considered the Afghan Whigs to be the "grunge," However, as they were a group on Sub Pop during the "grunge" era, I'd reckon more than a few rubes would'a assumed as much.

By now, any relevance of the Afghan Whigs has been sucked down the drain by Green Day and Lady GaGa. Really, just ask any random 26-year-old WHO the Afghan Whigs are!! Of course Greg Dulli is still at it via the Twilight Singers/Gutter Twins; I GUESS there could be an argument for vague relevance!, but it's not Dulli's contemporary groups that got me to pondering—it's the short stretch I hear from Dino Valenti/Quicksilver to Greg Dulli, circa the early '90s Afghan Whigs. Honestly, I have no idea if Dulli ever listened to Quicksilver, his favorite band, as quoted in 1991, was the Rolling Stones. Fair enough, BUT... I can't help hearing his vocal phrasing and his don't-tell-but-I-can't-actually-sing smacks of Dino Valenti's whisper/talk/sing style. So, here is Dino singing, as the rest of Quicksilver spins West Coast psychedelic perfection (after the jump):

And then the Whigs, Dulli in sensitive sad mode...

Hmmm...right, so not quite as deep as the Screaming Trees' 13th Floor Elevators nod, but there is some similarity there.