Those that are hip to all that is good for them might wanna fuck with No 1 2 Look Up 2, the new mixtape from the young Queens MC Big Baby Gandhi. If you like the outlandish, rap-referential of BBG's big homies Das Racist, you might just dig him; voice pinched like Danny Brown, gloriously stupid-smart with a rusty, bodega-bound Def Jukie sensibility, BBG caught my ear last year with his self-produced debut Big Fucking Baby. Amidst all the good weirdo-rap-for-people-that-like-rap that's been lapping at my lobes for the last few months, among my favorite stuff has been the tapes from the Greedhead crew (full disclosure: Greedhead, duh, is putting out the new album from my group Don't Talk To The Cops!, so make of this what you will); Himanshu's Nehru Jackets, Kool A.D.'s Hyphy Ballads and BBG's last joint all get slapped like the Three Stooges (no, I REALLY don't wanna talk about it).

Canadian jet-setter, turntablist legend A-Trak produced this grimy (dip-)joint featuring what currently have to be the rap game's druggiest: Oscar winner Juicy J (enjoying a recent renaissance via a strong run of pharmacologically fueled solo mixtapes) and Detroit's tiger Danny Brown, making for an addictive ode to being, as my mother would've said, high as Cootie Brown. That hook is steady stuck in my head now and I've never had a PO nor a job that required a UA, thank god. Witness a confluence of the signature rap adlibs, as J's "trippy!" meets Brown's battle cry "style." Yeah, and parole officers still don't get no respect outchea.