As Jackson pointed out in this morning's music news, music blogger's and gossip hound's heads exploded this weekend when it was rumored that Mr. Guns n' Roses is dating Miss SNL Disaster. They apparently left the Chateau Marmont together this weekend. Hubba hubba! But now Axl's bandmate is insisting to that the two are NOT the newest (and most confusing) couple.

He's 50. She's 25. He's a has been. She will be soon. It makes sense to me! Though, if I had to guess, I would've put her together with Billy Corgan before Axl. Anyway! We're done talking about whether or not she's a talented singer/songwriter. Now we can just talk about who she's dating. (Because in the gossip world, when you're a woman and you stand next to someone, you're totally possibly probably dating them and/or pregnant with their lovechild.)

Of all Del Rey's rumored beaus which would be the weirdest?