So: I've taken to listening to old This American Life podcasts while I run because I'm not terribly music savvy and the playlists I currently have on my ipod make my ears bleed and my face yawn.

But the other day I was running along the Burke Gilman and it occurred to me, after passing a few very concerned looking people, that I was sobbing. It wasn't my fault—I was listening to an old TAL podcast and it was the Everyone Has Cancer episode in which they build up your emotional connections to all these people and then, ta da! They all drop dead. I couldn't stop listening! And weeping! While running!

Worse, this isn't the first time I've caught myself weeping while running (I think my body just weeps sometimes because it hates sports), and it simply cannot stand.

Please, music fans: I need your help. I need new, good music fit for long runs. NOTHING SAD. Stuff on my ipod right now includes everything from Girl Talk and Robyn to Talking Heads, the Rocky theme song, some Bollywood tunes, and that one Justin Beiber song about crushin' on a girl.

I am not a snob. I will download whatever albums or individual songs you recommend. I just really need some bossy people with good taste to tell me what to get because I'm totally worthless at this stuff.