dream hampton's debut as a maker of music videos, "QueenS" captures Stasia and Cat in fly lounge mode, parlaying as they often do, with a bevy of beautiful women of hue, having a grand ole time by theydamnselves.

It's own bountiful visual merits aside, the video is much-needed balance. The reign of coke rap has meant that listeners have been treated to a million songs (and literal-minded videos) espousing the superiority of that white girl. Nothing wrong with white girls either (some of my best friends, etc), except that rap's currently intense level of antipathy towards black women is even more noxious than usual. ASAP Rocky, argubly the hottest young rapper out now, will even tell you that he's "fucking with these bitches cuz (he's) sick of all these sistas." Well, young thuggin', they haven't given up on you yet; but whatever the fuck it is you do, don't funk with their groove.