Hello? How can I help you?

(whispering) Yes, um, is this the psychic hotline?


Yes, I would like to ask some questions.


Alright, um. So, um. Well, I'm currently in a financial bind and I wanted to know what kind of outlook am I going to have in the future?

Um, I would say it looks to me like July until the end of the year 2012, looks like it's going to be pretty good for you. Um, but May and June are going to be pretty difficult. But it seems like you're going to get things figured out in the middle of July.

Okay. Um, also, I have this love interest that I've been pursuing for a while and she's um, I'm a sophomore and she's a senior and she's about to graduate and I've been pursuing her for a while and she just doesn't know whether to take the risk or not because she just doesn't...she, we know each other by a mutual friend, you know, things have come in the way before, and rumors and such, so she's afraid to take that risk and I'm just wondering [unintelligible].

It seems to me that, um you're not going to have a serious relationship with this girl. I mean it might be like, there might be some, some kind of relationship but it's not going to be anything serious or lasting.

So is there a chance of anything happening between us before she leaves?

Um, I'm not really sure about that. I just know that in the long run it's not someone you're going to end up with.

Am I going to find someone that's permanent in my life within the next two years?

Yes, within the next two years for sure. I'm looking at, like uh, December of this year you're going to meet someone who's going to be rather special to you.


Um hm.

Um, so how is it going to look for my move to California when I graduate high school?

Uh well, it seems like, you're going to be moving to the Los Angeles area?

Um hm.

It seems to me that it's going to be difficult, a little difficult at first, but you're going to get, you're going to settle in quite well. You're going to meet a lot of new friends and um, really find a career that you're going to enjoy.

Um, is there a chance that my career might pick up before I turn 18?

Uh well, I think right now you should concentrate on school, getting done with school and then um, it seems to me like your career is going to pick up more when you're done with school, once you have uh, once you have those eggs all in a basket, if you know what I mean.

Yeah. I just needed some guidance, so...

I understand, I mean, things look pretty good, uh, for you, from what I'm reading over here.

Okay. Thank you.

Absolutely. Have a good Sunday!

And you.

Bye bye.

[hangs up]