Zach Pino, a writer and guitarist in Los Angeles, is forcing himself to partake in what he calls the "Nickleback Challenge":

One music writer. One terrible band. 7 studio albums by Nickelback. 77 Nickelback songs. Can I handle listening to one Nickelback song per week, eventually listening to their entire catalogue?

Booooorrrrring. One song a week? Do it one song a day. Or one album a day for a week. Or one song every hour for the next 77 waking hours (IT CAN BE DONE). A song a week is not a challenge! Nickelback's average song is around, what 3:45ish long? And you're listening to it just once a week? You will be spending .03% of each week listening to something you don't like. (Someone check my math, I'm a college dropout.)

I get a higher shitty music percentage every week just by walking by the downtown Forever 21 everyday on my way to the bus stop.

But whatever. You can follow his progress here.