magazine advertisement, circa 1956
  • magazine advertisement, circa 1956
From Facebook, via my friend who lives in Austin:
I love Austin Psych Fest. Glad to be involved again for the 5th year now. So many positive people with brains, talent, and true goodness... but Anton Newcomb... really? You insult the Black Angels on stage in front of thousands of people? They are the reason you're on that particular stage and getting paid for it in the first place. I don't mean to accentuate the negative but that was just extremely bad form. I could say more but I don't want to be all "Anton" about it...

...He's supposedly sober now, so I thought, as "professional musician" he'd keep it together. I know a lot of people were taping the show so I will try to turn up the "official version" but essentially this is what he said in the middle of their set: "I know you guys have your Black Angels, your Wooden Shijps, your Black Lips, and your Conan O'Brien that played this weekend, but that song we just played was better than all of those people. Don't let your music turn into a Kotex commercial..."

Who even buys Kotex anymore? Personally, I'm more of a Playtex kinda girl.