Have no idea what the hell a PRO is? Want to make some scrilla on your songs? Since nobody's making money off records anymore, you sure as shit should, sucka. This event, set up by the lovely and wise Caroline Dodge of The Recording Academy PNW Chapter, will help you navigate the convoluted system for bux in your pocket.

Join The Recording Academy® PNW Chapter for a panel of entertainment lawyers, artists, and performance rights representatives. Panelists: Jen Czeisler of Sub Pop, Dave Dederer of PUSA, Peter Madsen of SeSac, Brendan Okrent of ASCAP, Ed Pierson, Attorney at Law, and Tracie Verlinde of BMI.

Performance royalties collect revenue generated when songs and sound recordings are played on radio, TV, in clubs, online, and in restaurants. These royalties are then paid to the songwriter, composer, performer, and publishers by performance rights organizations. But where do you start? How are performance royalties tracked and calculated? How can you best maximize this revenue stream as a performer, composer, or songwriter? What are the differences between the different companies?

Whether you are a budding songwriter or you've been in the business for years, this panel will be a great opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the value performance rights organizations can have on your career.

This event is FREE for Recording Academy® members, $25 for non members. RSVP to this address or call 206.834.1000.

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