The first night of this weekend's Psychic Circle mini-fest kicked things off in high fashion at Electric Tea Garden. Second Sight DJs Rxch Wxtch and Ozma Otacava kept the room moving with dubby beats and euro rave-ups in equal measure. Portland's Litanic Mask stunned with '70s-tinged ballads that sounded like an explosion filmed on one of those fancy slow-mo cameras played in reverse... under water.

The air in the room was suitably thick as Light Asylum took stage. They tore through their goth-as-hell synth manifestos with fury and finesse. Front woman Shannon Funchess is an absolute force of nature, her eyes bugging out of her head and every muscle in her body held taught as she sung and dance and basically just rocked the fuck out. This is an act to see live — their recordings paling in comparison to the power of their performance, which is not said as a slight — they just really bring it on stage.

All in all, it was a great start to what should be a great weekend.