Less than a month after we left the alternately freezing and scorching haunted-by-holograms polo grounds in the well-trampled dust of fuzzy warm memory, the masterminds at Goldenvoice have announced that 2013 will play host to two back-to-back cloned weekends of Coachella. Check your calendars: the first is on April 12-14 with its twin sister showing up on the 19-21. Given how thoroughly they replicated the festival this year, the choice mainly comes down to your availability crossed with a preference for spontaneity, deep research (the first weekend was webcast, allowing second weekenders a chance to preview before committing), or completism (I loved doubling down on the weekends, but admit that's only for the craziest five percent).

At this point, they have to be operating on several levels of faith — that fans adore the festival enough to buy tickets without any hint of a lineup and that everyone's paid down their credit cards bills enough to be able to afford a second round of passes. The sale runs for just one week, beginning this Thursday (May 17th) at 10 am. That week (ending on the 24th) will be the only chance to buy tickets through the gentler-on-the-wallet payment plans. Start strategizing about weekends now and have your browser tuned to coachella.com in a couple days. And if you find yourself unsettled by finding yourself in a virtual waiting room for tickets, at least take small comfort that this festival these festivals won't sell out in a 15-second pseudo electro lottery like Doe Bay did last week, leaving their generally supportive Facebook wall invaded by a few stray angry conspiracy theorists.