I was slightly excited, in a secret "shhh! guilty pleasure" way to hear about a new Cypress Hill album coming out next month. I used to "shhh!" secretly love their pothead anthems in the late '90s.

But then I listened to it. Granted, it's a collaboration between Cypress and Rusko and it features tattoo model/drummer Travis Barker—but I still thought Cypress would go harder.

From the press release:

As you'd expect from chameleonic musicians, each song on the album showcases a different musical side to the collaborators. "Lez Go" marries the ominous with the atmospheric, as Cypress' menacing vocals somehow sound angelic over Rusko's harmonious, arpeggiated synths...

...Slightly different? Maybe a little. But anyone familiar with the pedigree of the album's creators should expect nothing less than a sound that operates entirely outside the box.

Listen to "Lez Go" after the cut. Total Crap Rating: 8.5