Deadkill, Grenades, Battle Stations, Strap Straps

(Barboza) Deadkill are the latest to offer a recording on Nik Christofferson's Good to Die label. (Wait five minutes and the man will surely have snatched up yet another promising hard/heavy outfit from this city or, do I venture to guess, Portland?) Deadkill feature Absolute Monarchs drummer Mike Stubz on guitar, and they specialize in finding one or two jagged riffs per song and then suturing them into your brain. Add to that some brawny drums and Bryan Krieger running around in his underwear and screaming a bunch of shit, and you've got yourself one giant beer blast of a record-release show. GRANT BRISSEY

The seven-inch is out May 22, available on Good to Die Records and in finer Seattle record stores, and, I imagine, tomorrow night at Barboza.